Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Morning Moment

Mondays, particularly the first Monday back to school after a vacation, can be a challenge to any teacher. (heck, it's a challenge for parents too, racing through the morning routines to get kids ready and to school before the bell rings!) As I survey the anxious feelings in my body: tense shoulders, butterflied stomach, and racing thoughts, I then think: How will the kids feel today? Did they lose sleep last night? Will they be ready to jump back into the routine?
My vow today is to be gentle and patient, with myself and with them. I want to enjoy the smiles as they greet me and each other. I will need to re-establish the safe, positive learning environment with a warm but firm command.  We have lots to learn today, but our first lesson is to be peacefully present.
What is your promise to yourself on this first Monday in January?

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