Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mindfulness is...

 In an attempt to describe mindful practice, these words come to mind: 

Mentally aware
How do these characteristics play out in daily life? By being mentally aware, I reduce the tempation to multi-task, which brain researcher Dr. John Medina in Brain Rules reports is not an efficient way to function. By practicing mindfulness, I gain insights by quieting my mind and listening to the ideas that move forward to my consciousness. Necessary refers to the power of an often neglected practice of quieting the mind for at least 5-10 minutes a day. Deep refers to the powerful meaning and insights gained during mindfulness practice. Fulfilling relates to the sense of meaning and purpose I experience when I reflect on my daily experience and how it relates to my overall mission in life. Underutilized corresponds to my perception that mindfulness is something that many ascribe to but don't follow through with, as our culture perpetuates such a busy mind and active life that it's difficult to stop, reduce the mental clutter and work on purposeful awarenss and action. Listening refers to listening to one's own heart as well as those around him/her.
Mindful living is not an easy feat in a stimulating, often chaotic world.  What  can you do today, to embrace mindfulness and experience its simple power?

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