Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life Flashes Before Your Eyes..

Last night, I walked along E. Cliff Dr., against the backdrop of the pounding sea and starry sky.  Hand in hand with my husband, trailing behind my son(23) and daughter(21) I found myself watching the backs of their heads, marveling at how they have blossomed into two amazing adults. As my son answered questions about thermodynamics, enjoying the banter with his curious sister, I enjoyed the time to reflect. My mind was like a memory album on a slideshow, flashing from a time they were 6 and 4 playing at the beach to other memories of them pondering the universe, devising experiments and making up their own language.  I felt a bit teary, not in a sad way, but more in a "gratitude" way. I hope that when they both finish school they will land back in this area so we can have more of this special time together.  Most importantly, when we have that opportunity, I vow to never take it for granted. Life does fly by..savor the special moments.

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