Friday, June 18, 2010

Follow Friday

It's Friday again, the time on Twitter when tweeps give a shout out to their favorite folks. I always feel a bit odd with the whole process, like the kid at school who can't decide which group to sit with at lunch. I worry that I will leave someone out, forget one of my new favorite conversationalists or resource-sharing gurus of education.
This week, I've decided to forgo the 140 characters and write an ABC's list of the valuable people of my PLN. I still have probably overlooked some wonderful friends, so I apologize in advance!

A is for Aviva or @grade1 as she is known on Twitter.  A wonderful teacher, supporter, sharer of information.
B is for  @bhsprincipal , an administrator who remembers what it's like to be a teacher and keeps kids first
C is for @creativecoley , new to Twitter and blogging, my former intern who will undoubtedly have much to share
D is for Deven or @spedteacher  whose honest, candid blog posts always inspire
E is for @EducationCEO whose honest reflection and conversation challenge me to work harder for equity
F is for @fiteach ,Jamie, an invaluable reflective member of our PLN who shares so much, takes time to share insightful blog comments
G is for George, or @gcouros,a principal and wonderful blogger who shares his learning and thoughts daily!
H is for my hilarious friend from the South, @amandacdykes full of great stories and resources to share
I is for @iteachgrade2 who shares a continuous supply of great resources for the classroom
J is for my brother Johnny @JohnJPatitucci an amazing bass player and great guy!
K is for @koolkat222 who always makes me smile and shares her classroom wisdom generously
L is for @larryferlazzo whose amazing blog is always enlightening and thought provoking
M is for Marjie @MarjieKnudsen who writes about how to help kids grow and flourish
N is for @NMHS_principal , another inspiring administrator doing awesome things for kids
O is for one of my faves who inspired me by setting up an edu conf. @jasontbedell
P is for Pam @Pammoran  an inspiring superintendent in Virginia whose blog reflects her genuine commitment to kids
Q is for the endless question answer man @cybraryman1 whose pages are a resource for thousands of followers
R is for @Readingcountess whose passion for reading and teaching is contagious
S is for the amazing @ShellTerrell who supports, shares, educates, inspires all in our PLN
T is for @teachingwthsoul who always shares her edu wisdom and experience
U is for the understanding, supportive @saskateach  another great teacher to tweet with!
V is for Vicky, @Vickyloras a genuine passionate educator 
W is for Will or @peoplegogy whose passion for education is unmistakable
X is for the extra hard work from @readtoday committed to helping kids develop literacy
Y is for Young, Wendy @Kidlutions who writes awesome material to help us understand kids
Z is for one of  "Z" most prolific providers of free tech resources @rmbyrne

Thanks a million to all who share and learn with me on Twitter. Who do you think is a must follow? Please share!