Sunday, April 25, 2010


There is a great deal of research that claims "savoring" as a key to well-being. From diet experts to positive psychologists I often hear the word tossed around. "Take time to savor." "While eating, just eat." "Don't do too many things at once. Savor each moment." And though I find myself enjoying the rich aroma and flavor of my morning coffee, I am a bit distracted by reading and writing. I stop to take a sip and mindfully experience the brilliant dance of complementary tastes of my nutella smeared bagel and coffee.  I remind myself, once again, that I need to eat slowly and enjoy each bite.
I wonder how many moments in my day when I miss the opportunity to savor.  Today I will make a more conscious effort to immerse myself in my encounters with friends and loved ones. I will listen to the beautiful harmony of the birds outside my window. And later as I run down to the beach to work this tired body I will savor the roar of the ocean and its reliable calming effect on my soul.
What will you savor today?

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