Sunday, April 4, 2010

Don't Stop Questioning

When we stop questioning
We might as well die
Trading in our freedom
for all the big news lies
Use the Mind you're given
focus on what's real
Test those ideas
Ask deep questions
Build on the positive
Spend time with those
who light your fire
not put it out
We've got more choices than we think
We limit ourselves by following blindly along
If we stop, think, look, listen
before we act
we save ourselves from unnecessary mistakes
Take a walk
Have a talk
draw, paint, read, sing
Find what you love
what's interesting?
Do something fun,
Do anything!
Don't dwell on the small stuff
Sometimes you just gotta be tough
Life isn't easy
But it's beautiful
In it's complexities
It takes the darkness
To feel the power of the Light

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