Monday, April 12, 2010

The Power of Gratitude

Here I am on a rainy day, the first day of my spring break. While tempted to complain and moan about the weather and how I spent time today in the doctor's office and not basking on the beach, I find myself overcome with a sense of gratitude. As Edequity consultant, Dr. Edwin Javius, who spoke at our district's Equity Training recently said, "Your worst day is someone's best day."
I think of this quote often, especially when I succumb to a bout of frustration or negativity as I navigate the politics of the education system.  As I sat waiting for my doctor's appointment, I jotted a list of reasons to be thankful:
  • I have medical insurance. As much as it's not the preferable experience to be sitting in pain in the doctor's office on the first day of spring break, I could be unemployed and without any insurance, forced to sit and remain in pain and worry.
  • It's me, not my kids. As a mother I can handle my own illness and/or pain of any kind much better than that of my kids or other loved ones.
  • I am loved. My husband, though I don't write about him much out of pure respect for him and the privacy of our marriage, is a loving and devoted partner.  My kids are wonderful and my family a true gift in my life.
  • I have meaning. Though I have daily frustrations with a multitude of flaws of our education system,  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to change lives each and every day. 
  • I have expression. I love to write, create, sing, and explore new frontiers of creative expression.
  • I am learning balance. Definitely an area that still needs much more work, I am learning how to let myself relax and "do nothing." "Nothing" simply means any activity not on my to-do list!
  • I have a curious mind that never stops. Sometimes it's a curse, but mostly I love exploring new ways to bring excitement into kids' lives.  
And with that I will end this rainy day ramble. Perhaps I have inspired you to stop and ponder the power of gratitude.  If so, please share! If not here, with a totally exposed audience ( and I can understand why not!) then with a loved one. Let them know you appreciate the joy they bring to your life.


  1. Joan,

    You are such an ispiration to me. I love reading everything you write. You are one of the most reflective people I "know" and I am so glad you share your thoughts with us.

    I will remember the quote you shared, "Your worst day is someone's best day" the next time I find myself feeling down. Thank you!

  2. Julie,
    I appreciate your comments and conversation always. Yes, I am reflective and it sometimes drives me nuts but when I write I end up wondering if anyone will benefit from my sharing. I am glad to know you can relate! Thanks for taking the time to give feedback.


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