Friday, July 9, 2010

Challenging Myself to New Ventures

This is me after I agreed to co-facilitate a session in an online virtual conference. And I recorded the video below while practicing speaking on camera so I could get over my silly but very serious video phobia. So, you may be thinking, "What in the world is she doing now, advertising her neuroses to the world" and asking people to boost her up and make her feel better. She's a grown woman, who has presented at many conferences, talks to colleagues online, participates in chats on Twitter all of the time. Why does SHE need help?" Well, perhaps it's because I have grown to love and appreciate the amazing support of my online PLN. And frankly, it's because I am a recovered/recovering "shy kid."  It may be  hard to believe, but for much of my childhood I thought up what were, in my head, "great things to say", but never had the guts to say them. Now, in adulthood after the wonderful years of raising my children, I have a passion for sharing what I am learning with others. I am both frozen with fear and joyfully excited that I have been invited to facilitate a session at an upcoming online conference. And, as soon as I have the details of time, date and links, I will definitely share with you!
Perhaps my reflection of this experience will also propel you to take on a challenge that you have been creatively sidestepping. Is there something, deep inside of you, calling you to grow in a new way but your fear is in the way?  I must credit the wonderful Shelly Terrell and her incredible work for inspiring me to take on new opportunities to share and grow. After watching my plea, feel free to share any comments, advice, and what you might be inspired to do with the support of your PLN. Thanks so much!


  1. Be yourself and let it ride. Knowing you, you've already done the necessary preparation. So, there's no need to feel uneasy or overwhelmed. Let go and let Joan, and you'll be fine. Best of luck.

  2. Joan,

    You're lovely! I love the rollercoaster and picture! I still get nervous presenting even though I do it quite often. The best thing I've learned is to take deep breaths before I start! With an online conference it's different because you can't see your audience so sometimes people psych themselves out. For me, I continuously think in my head, "Shelly, you're rocking this! You're doing fabulous! Keep rocking it!" With this mentality I keep presenting with confidence and don't psyche myself out that the audience hates it because really most online audiences are some of the best! They are quite understanding and forgiving, especially when the technology sometimes fails or makes them lose a few seconds of you! So just keep going like you're a rockstar because you are! You have a strong voice and people already love what you share and how you share so we are all rooting for you!

  3. Thanks Will and Shelly!! It was pretty incredible that just posting that silly video sort of put it all into perspective for me. Just being willing to put yourself out there,doing your best and connecting with an audience authentically is all we really can do! I appreciate you both for taking the time to read and comment and also invite me in both of your networks to share and learn with you.

  4. I have done a lot of public speaking and while I know that this virtual conference you are going to be doing will be very different (not having an audience you can physically see) some techniques will remain the same. Breathe deeply. Talk slowly (but not too slowly). Have a beautiful smile on your face (fake it if you have to). Ooze confidence. I am sure that you will be fine and I wish you every luck. Please let us know how you go.

  5. Joan,

    I'm presenting Monday on the power of a PLN and this is a great example! Where else can you find a group of like-minded people who would totally understand the feeling of what you are going through right now. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed trying to get my presentation ready for Monday but you made me smile and not feel quite so alone!

  6. Hi Joan!
    Wow - so happy for you! You are presenting at an online conference. How good is that? Sooooo good! You'll do great - I am positive.
    I have never presented before but I think I would be looking forward to it, to see what kind of an experience it is. It will be so interesting for you and also the feedback you will get after the presentation will be great - they might ask you questions. Which is good, because it will get them thinking.
    "In bocca al lupo" as the Italiani say (Good luck!)and you will be smashing! Wow! Wish I could see your presentation too!
    (And I looooved the video!Thank you for sharing.)
    Big hugs from Switzerland,

  7. I am thrilled to see so many people jump in and offer tips and support. I have even had offers from Twitter PLN folks to practice with me on Skype which is so very nice. I am feeling much better and will be happy to report how it all went at the very end of this month. Thanks so much to everyone who commented. It is wonderful that we can rally around each other and inspire the best.


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