Sunday, February 14, 2010

Listening and Sharing Every Day: The Best Gifts of All

We can listen and share to show our love every day. It's so simple that it barely requires saying. Or is it so simple that it easily gets overlooked?
Loving each other on holidays should not take precedence over loving each other on ordinary days. Now I am not one to bash any expressions of love and kindness; I just don't think that we need a day marked on a calendar to show our loved ones how much we care. I am not saying that I don't participate in such days; I just remind myself that the other non-holidays matter too.
I made a Valentines card for my husband after I decided that I probably would not be able to find one with "just the right words". We are truly meant for each other, born on the same exact day across the globe from each other.  We had to go through an extensive  process of immigration mumbo-jumbo to be together, and work hard each day to show each other that we cherish and devote ourselves to our partnership.
Every morning before I head out the door I leave him a brief message on a sticky note. These notes range from mumbling about how hard Mondays are but how grateful I am to come home to him, to acknowledging those small thoughtful gestures he makes to remind me that I am loved.
Before any cynics out there get on me for being a hopeless romantic ( which I wholeheartedly confess to as well as being an realistic idealist) I just want to say: we all have needs to be loved and appreciated. It's easy for us to express thanks and acknowledge others for their special contributions when talking to our virtual friends. Do we take the time to show our partners, families and real-life friends that they matter MOST to us? I can't be the only one who has to remind herself to put down the electronics and look into the eyes of loved ones and listen.  Perhaps listening and sharing are the best everyday love gifts we can offer.

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